FSD3215 Ananda Magazine Yoga Survey 2013

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  • Salomäki, Hanna (Church Research Institute)
  • Ketola, Kimmo (Church Research Institute)
  • Vuojus, Taneli (Church Research Institute)
  • Broo, Måns (Åbo Akademi University. Department of Comparative Religion)


complementary therapies, ideologies, religion, religiosity, religious behaviour, religious beliefs, religious ceremonies, yoga


This survey study examined the Finnish yoga magazine Ananda's readers' life stances and their views on yoga and religion. The questions covered the respondents' religiosity, spirituality, life philosophy and interest in yoga teachings.

First, the respondents were presented with a set of statements regarding religion, divinity, spirituality and health, and they were asked to what extent these statements corresponded with their own thinking. After this, they were asked what types of articles in the Ananda magazine they were usually the most interested in, whether they practised yoga or other spiritual exercises regularly, what types of yoga they practised, and what types of spiritual experiences or events they had participated in (e.g. using alternative treatments, participating in a 'kirtan' performance or a spiritualist session).

Next, the respondents were asked to indicate the most important reasons for practising yoga. They were asked how much money they spent annually on yoga or other spiritual practices, and how much money they had given to charity during the previous year. They were also asked where they usually practised yoga. Finally, they were asked how often they went to church and to what extent they believed in a variety of religious Christian teachings.

Background variables included gender, age (categorised), education level, religious community membership, type of municipality of residence, and the political party that the respondent had voted for in the previous elections.

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