FSD3313 Finnish Drinking Habits Survey: Drinking Occasions 2016

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  • Mäkelä, Pia (National Institute for Health and Welfare. Alcohol, Drugs and Addictions)
  • Härkönen, Janne (National Institute for Health and Welfare. Alcohol, Drugs and Addictions)
  • Lintonen, Tomi (Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies)
  • Tigerstedt, Christoffer (National Institute for Health and Welfare. Alcohol, Drugs and Addictions)


alcohol use, drinking behaviour

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This dataset charted Finnish consumption of alcoholic beverages in terms of individual drinking occasions. The data were collected as part of the Finnish Drinking Habits Survey 2016 (main data: FSD3282). FSD's holdings also include a dataset belonging to the same study concerning abstaining from drinking during occasions where other people consumed alcohol (FSD3314).

The study examined situations in which the respondents had consumed alcoholic beverages: how many centilitres they had consumed of different alcoholic drinks, where, when and with whom. The respondents could provide information on multiple drinking occasions, and the same questions were asked about each of them. The data also contain conversions made from variables in the questionnaire, e.g. conversions of consumed quantities of different drinks into pure alcohol. The questionnaire (in Finnish) describes in more detail the coefficients used in the conversions as well as the formula for calculating the respondents' estimated blood-alcohol content (per mille) during each drinking occasion.

Background variables include gender, age, date and weekday of the drinking occasion as well as starting and ending times for drinking.

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