FSD1040 Presidential Elections 2000, First Round

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election campaigns, party identification, political interest, political support, presidential candidates, presidential elections, voting, voting advice applications, voting behaviour, voting intention


The survey focused on the 2000 presidential elections in Finland. The respondents were asked whether they had voted in the first round of the presidential elections in the year 2000 and for which candidate they had voted. They were also asked when they had made their voting decision and how the media, advertising, close friends, candidate selectors / voting advice applications on the Internet, or the candidate's campaign websites affected their voting decision. In addition, the respondents were presented with a list of various things and asked to say which of them affected their choice of candidate in the first round of the elections. Those who had not voted in the first round were asked the reason for abstaining. All respondents were asked about their opinion of the election campaign and advertising and whether they were going to vote in the second round of the elections, and for whom. The respondents were presented with statements about voting and the personality of the president, and they were asked to express their opinion about them. Finally, the respondents were asked which party they would vote for in parliamentary elections if the elections were held at that time, which party they had voted for in the previous parliamentary elections, and for which candidate they had voted in the previous presidential elections.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, mother tongue, age, marital status, composition and income of the household, education, occupation, information on work, working hours, trade union membership, ownership of apartment, voting in elections, position on a left-right scale, social class, and dwelling place. The background variables have been updated in August 1999. The data also include a case id variable hl, which can be used to append this data to FSD1041.

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