Upcoming data releases

In total upcoming data releases.

The upcoming data releases page offers information on datasets that are still being processed.

For the present, dataset titles are only available in Finnish. English dataset titles will be added to the listing later.

Typically, the whole archiving process at FSD takes a few months. The schedule depends on, for instance, the condition of the data and the documentation, and the order of urgency. If you are interested in any upcoming dataset, please contact FSD: user-services.fsd@tuni.fi.

Dataset availability:
(A) openly available for all users without registration (CC BY 4.0),
(B) available for research, teaching and study,
(C) available for research only (including Master's, doctoral and Polytechnic/University of Applied Sciences Master's theses),
(D) available only by permission from the data depositor/creator.

The embargo column shows the date on which the embargo period ends. During the embargo period, the original researcher has the rights to first use of the data. FSD cannot publish datasets under embargo before the end of the embargo period. The data depositor has the right to change the duration of the embargo.