In total 91 series.

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Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment of Children in Finland 11
Barometers for Swedish-speaking Finns 9
Career and Employment Survey of Finnish University Graduates 21
Child Barometer 3
Child Victim Surveys 3
Childcare 7
Children and Youth Leisure Surveys 5
Children's Media Barometers 4
Church Monitors 4
Citizen Safety and Security 3
Citizens' Pulse 41
City Service Surveys 9
Community-based Mental Health Rehabilitation of Young Adults 2010-2012 5
Consumer Habits and Lifestyle in Finland 5
Datasets of the Tampere Praksis Project 7
Decision-Making Laboratory Experiments and Surveys 6
Development Cooperation Surveys 18
Diaconia Barometers 5
ESS (European Social Survey) 8
EVA Surveys on Finnish Values and Attitudes 32
EVS (European Values Study) and WVS (World Values Survey) 0
Employment Surveys of Tampere University Graduates 38
Energy Attitudes of the Finns 1983-2011 28
Enhancing Leisure Time Activities 7
Eurostudent: Finnish Data 4
FIRIPO Citizens' Opinion 3
Family Barometers 11
Festival Barometers 3
Finnish Attitudes to Rescue Services, Safety and Emergencies 4
Finnish Attitudes towards Alcohol 3
Finnish Attitudes towards Alcohol Control Policies 7
Finnish EU Attitudes 1992-2012 16
Finnish Energy Attitudes 5
Finnish Gambling Surveys 5
Finnish Local Government 2004 51
Finnish Local Government Barometers 37
Finnish National Election Studies 9
Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 45
Finnish Science Barometers 8
Finnish Self-Report Delinquency Study 9
Finnish Values and Everyday Life 1
Finnish Voter Barometers 37
Finnish Working Life Barometers 31
Finnish Working Life Barometers: Local Government Employees 16
Finnish Youth Surveys 29
Follow-ups on Finnish National and Local Elections (GallupChannel) 14
Free-time Residence Barometers 4
Gallup Ecclesiastica 6
Health Promotion Barometers 13
ISSP (International Social Survey Programme) 22