Enhancing Leisure Time Activities


This data series contains the results of the development and research project 'Good Leisure Time' by Helsinki City Youth Department. 'Good Leisure Time' is one of the priority projects funded by Helsinki City Council to battle the marginalisation of youth. Twelve lower secondary school classes with an approximate total of 170 pupils aged 13-16 participated in the study in 2013-2017. The classes were divided into six target and six control group classes. The target classes had an assigned youth worker whose role was to support the pupils in finding a hobby or a leisure time activity. The pupils from the control group classes could take part in all activities offered by Helsinki City Youth Department but did not have an assigned youth worker. The project was carried out by Helsinki City Youth Department in collaboration with the Education Division Administration and the Urban Research and Statistics Unit of the City of Helsinki. The same participants were studied in the project from the beginning of the seventh grade until the autumn after finishing lower secondary school at the end of May.

Surveys charted the youth's own perceptions, wishes and experiences relating to their leisure time, well-being, and relationships. Hobbies that they had or would like to try were also examined.

Data collection began in September 2013 when the participants had attended lower secondary school for one month. Starting from the seventh grade, the participating pupils and pupils from control group classes responded to six internet surveys in total, one for each term. The survey was conducted both during the autumn and spring terms so that information could be obtained regarding the youth's summer and winter hobbies. In addition, the series comprise diaries of youth workers and interviews of youth workers and teachers conducted as part of a research project.