ESS (European Social Survey)


European Social Survey (ESS) is a biennial multi-country survey covering over 30 nations. The first round was fielded in 2002/2003. All participating countries are required to contribute to the central coordination costs of the ESS ERIC. In addition, each country participating in the ESS ERIC undertakes to cover the costs of fieldwork and national coordination. The Academy of Finland funds the project in Finland.

The interview data consist of a core module, which remains relatively constant from round to round, and two or three rotating modules, repeated at intervals. Additional data are collected through self-administered questionnaires. The core module monitors change and continuity in a wide range of social variables, including media use; social and public trust; political interest and participation; socio-political orientations; governance and efficacy; social exclusion; well-being, health and security; moral, political and social values; national, ethnic and religious alliances; demographics and socio-economics.

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