FSD1117 Euro Student 2000: Finland

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  • Lempinen, Petri (Student Research Foundation (Otus))
  • Tiilikainen, Anna (Student Research Foundation (Otus))


educational finance, employment, higher education institutions, housing, leisure time activities, living conditions, personal finance management, standard of living, students (college), tertiary education, undergraduates


The survey is the Finnish contribution to the international Euro Student Report survey. Topics in the survey dealt with the students' housing, studies, economic situation and how they experience it, gainful employment, studying abroad, and the socio-economic position of the students' parents. The respondents were asked what examination they were going to take next, how many years they had studied in a university, how many years they estimated their studies would take, and what their field of studies was. With regard to living conditions, the respondents were asked where they lived during the academic year, how far their apartments were from their place of study, how much money a month they had at their disposal, whether they received financial assistance from their parents, and what their economic situation had been during the last six months. In addition, the respondents were asked to estimate their material well-being, the strenuousness of studies, balancing study and work, and their weekly use of time. Concerning internationality, the respondents were asked about their language skills and whether they had ever been or studied abroad. Those who had studied abroad were asked about the nature, duration and financing of their studies, in which phase of them they studied abroad, and through which programme this took place.

Background variables included the respondent's age, sex, marital status, number of children, citizenship, educational background as well as the education, profession, and income of parents.

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