FSD1121 Finnish Local Government Barometer 1996: Municipal Managers, Chairmen of Municipal Executive Boards

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employment programmes, local finance, local government, local taxation, municipal government, municipalities, public sector, public services


Chairpersons of municipal executive boards and municipal managers were asked about the correlation between local tax rate and the standard of municipal services. The respondents evaluated whether there was any need to cut services, and if so, which services. They were also asked whether municipalities should be responsible for financing job creation schemes and employing people through these schemes.

Opinions on the functionality of information exchange between government bodies and municipalities were canvassed. The usefulness of certain national and regional bodies (e.g. various ministries and other governmental bodies, universities) to the respondents' municipality was studied. The respondents also evaluated the characteristics and activities of regional councils and their leaders.

Background variables included the respondents' sex, status in municipal administration, municipality size, region, and province.

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