FSD1224 Young People, Voluntary Organisations and Globalisation 2001

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  • Advisory Council for Youth Affairs (Nuora)


citizen participation, globalization, organizational activities, social participation, voluntary organizations, voluntary organizations, youth, youth organisations


The survey charted youth (aged between 10-29) attitudes towards voluntary organisations in Finland. Respondents were asked if they at present belong to some non-governmental organisation, association or club. In addition, the data contain information on why young people are members of such organisations and what organisations they would like to belong to, for example, political, human rights or environmental groups, sports clubs, student organisations, or charities. It was also studied how many members different organisations have and what young people find interesting in them. Opinions on globalisation, civil disobedience, free trade, demonstrations and world trade were probed. Respondents were also asked what forms of social participation they could use in promoting important issues. Background variables included municipality, age and gender.

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