FSD1229 Finnish Lifestyles Survey 1995

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  • Alasuutari, Pertti (University of Tampere. Department of Sociology and Social Psychology)


alcohol use, communication networks, consumer goods, consumption, dietary habits, exercise (physical activity), food and nutrition, health status, hobbies, holidays, leisure time activities, life styles, listening to music, occupational life, outdoor pursuits, policing, quality of life, reading (activity), sexual behaviour, smoking, social security, sport spectatorship, sports participation, standard of living, taxation, television viewing, values


The survey studied Finnish lifestyles, habits and leisure time activities. A number of questions pertained to cultural and leisure activities: television viewing, radio listening, outdoor hobbies like gardening or fishing, sports viewing, exercise, music and literature preferences and vacation habits. Respondents' dietary habits and use of some services (e.g. hairdressers, gyms) were surveyed. Respondents also rated the importance of various things in their life (family, work, health, standard of living, religion, travelling, literature, IT-related hobbies, cooking etc). Moral values were studied by asking what respondents disapprove or respect in other people.

One theme covered respondents' health: illnesses, injuries and physical condition. Another theme pertained to the nature, independence and security of the respondent's job and his/her attitude to work. Participation in moonlighting was charted. Sexual behaviour was investigated by asking about the use of sex videos, sex magazines, striptease or prostitutes. Opinions on police powers were probed. The survey contained several questions about alcohol consumption, smoking and drug use.

One topic pertained to consumer habits: buying through shopping channels, mail-order catalogues or Internet. Ownership of audio and video equipment, mobile phone or PC was charted. Respondents answered detailed questions of their media use. Views on the level of Finnish social security were probed. Respondents were also asked which social services should be paid from tax revenue.

The survey asked which party the respondent had voted for in the EU membership referendum and which party he/she would vote for in the next parliamentary elections. Finally, some questions covered respondents' car (model, safety, motor etc). Background variables included respondents' sex, age, province, marital status, household composition, tenure, occupation, status in employment, basic and vocational education and the occupation and status in employment of the spouse and parents.

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