FSD1256 Depression 2002

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  • Räty, Reetta (Helsingin Sanomat. Weekly supplement Nyt)


anxiety, depression, emotional states, exhaustion, mental disorders, mental health, mental ill health, stress (psychological), work strain


The data contain the structured parts of a reader survey conducted in 2002 by the weekly supplement NYT of the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. The survey studied depression in Finland and invited those readers of NYT who suffer from depression to participate. The number of respondents was 1019 and 73% were female. Most respondents were young people.

Questions covered the physical symptoms of depression and what respondents had felt when they first realized they suffered from depression. Visits to doctors, treatment received and sick leaves were charted. The survey also asked which things respondents were able to enjoy when depressed and what could have helped ease their depression (with respondents choosing their answers from a list).

Background variables included respondents' age, sex, occupation, type of employment contract, marital status and whether respondents had any children.

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