FSD1322 Welfare Survey 1998

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  • Social Insurance Institution of Finland
  • University of Turku. Department of Social Policy


financial circumstances, health, health services, income, poverty, social security, social security benefits, standard of living, taxation, unemployment, welfare


The survey charted the spiritual, physical and material welfare of people living in Finland. Respondents evaluated their health and psychosomatic symptoms. They were also asked whether something, such as their health or the size of accommodation, prevented them from having a meaningful life. Opinions on social and health care services, social security, taxes, and unemployment were probed with attitudinal statements which were partly different in questionnaires A and B. In addition, respondents assessed the importance of different objectives of employment policy measures, for example, the prevention of social exclusion.

Perceptions of the level of income support and the amount it should be as well as the household monthly income by income decile and monthly expenses were charted. Respondents also rated the living standard and income of their household. They were asked about saving, borrowing money and credit possibilities. Respondents' potential financial difficulties were charted by asking about insecurity caused by different economic factors, problems with paying the bills, frequency of money problems and strategies for solving those problems.

People who were married or cohabiting were asked about their spouse's employment status, those who were employed were asked about their employment and those who were unemployed or laid off were asked about reasons and duration of unemployment or layoff. Opinions on the questionnaire and the subject of the survey were charted.

Background variables included year of birth, gender, marital status, household composition, municipality, highest level of education, occupation, political party preference and main activity at the time of the survey and during past two years.

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