FSD2045 Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 2004

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  • Advisory Board for Defence Information (ABDI)


European Union, NATO, conflict resolution, conscription, defence and state security policy, foreign relations, international alliances, military expenditure, military operations, military recruitment, terrorism


The survey charted Finnish public opinion on foreign policy, security and military alliances. Respondents were asked what kind of influence the European Union's enlargement to the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, NATO membership of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Russia's war on terrorism and Finland's neutrality have on the the security of Finland and the Finns. Opinions were charted on whether Finland is going to join NATO.

Attitudes to cooperation between Finland and NATO were studied with questions pertaining to the Partnership for Peace Programme, crisis management operations, and developing Finnish armoury and command structures to be NATO-compatible. The survey explored views on the budget and military duties of the Finnish armed forces, Finland's defence system, possible joint defence for the European Union, and reasons behind terrorism.

Respondents expressed their worries over current situation in world politics. Concerns about the future were charted with questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, climate change, international terrorism, international organised crime, and armed conflicts. Respondents were asked whether Finland should sign the Ottawa Treaty to ban landmines.

Background variables included respondent's gender, age, occupational group, education, employment status, type of neighbourhood, region of residence, household composition, household income, what political party R would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at that time, and what party R had voted for in the last parliamentary elections.

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