FSD2081 Finnish Attitudes towards Alcohol Control Policies 1999

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  • Österberg, Esa (National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES))


alcohol policy, drinking behaviour, prices, retail outlets, underage drinking


The survey studied Finnish public opinion on alcohol control policies.

The respondents were asked how often they drink alcohol. Views were probed on alcohol control measures imposed in Finland and which retail outlets people should be able to buy beer, wine or spirits from. Some questions focused on what would happen to wine prices, wine selection and wine consumption among women and young people if it were possible to buy wine from grocery stores. The respondents were also asked whether they supported or objected to the proposal to allow grocery stores to sell wine. Opinions on the legal age to buy beer, wine and spirits were surveyed. Final questions pertained to beer, wine and spirits price levels.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, basic education, vocational education, economic activity and occupational status, employment status, type of municipality, province and region (NUTS2) of residence, annual gross income of the household, number and age of household members, household composition, economic activity and occupational status of household head, and R's primary and secondary choice of political party if the parliamentary elections were held at that time, and choice of party in the 1996 municipal elections.

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