FSD2087 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2001: Municipal Managers, Chairmen of Municipal Executive Boards

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career development, conditions of employment, government ministers, local government, mayors, municipalities, working conditions


The survey charted the views of municipal leaders (i.e. municipal managers and chairpersons of municipal executive boards) on Finnish municipalities as employers. Respondents were asked to evaluate the wage level, holiday entitlement, career opportunities, incentives, efficiency, and job satisfaction of municipal employees. Views were also probed on whether municipalities should promote the attractiveness of municipalities as employers by increasing task variety, working hours flexibility, employees' control over their job, and employees' possibilities to have a say in decisions.

One topic pertained to whether the status and resources of certain bodies (provincial government, Employment and Economic Development Centres, and regional organisations), with which municipalities co-operate, should be strengthened. Respondents evaluated the usefulness of co-operation with certain other bodies (e.g. trade unions, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, employer organisations, the Ministry of the Interior) to the municipalities. Satisfaction with particular government ministers in terms of local government issues was charted.

Background variables included the number of inhabitants in the municipality, the respondent's status in municipal administration, gender, political party identification, and the region in which the municipality was located.

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