FSD2092 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2003: Municipal Managers, Chairmen of Municipal Executive Boards

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European Union, local finance, local government services, mayors, municipalities, social welfare, social welfare philosophy


The survey charted the views of Finnish municipal leaders (municipal managers and chairpersons of municipal executive boards) on the welfare state, local services and finance, municipal mergers, and the effect of the European Union enlargement. To begin with, opinions on the characteristics of the welfare state were surveyed. Respondents were then asked whether certain things (racism, pollution, traffic noise, inhabitant attitudes, inequality etc.) were a source of concern in the municipality, and whether they were worried about other issues in general (for example, unemployment, international terrorism, nuclear accident, war).

One theme pertained to the ways of improving the financial situation of the municipality. Respondents were asked, for example, whether they would approve of cutting or outsourcing services, reducing staff numbers, or raising taxes. The survey also carried a set of statements relating to municipal mergers, number of municipalities in Finland, municipal taxation and services etc. Respondents were asked which costs to cut if municipalities were forced to reduce expenditure. Views on the effects of the EU enlargement to the region were surveyed.

Background variables included the number of inhabitants in the municipality, the respondent's status in municipal administration, gender, political party identification, and the region in which the municipality was located.

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