FSD2093 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2003: Inhabitants

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European integration, local finance, local government, local government services, public services, social welfare philosophy


The survey charted Finnish public opinion on the welfare state, public services, joint municipal authorities, and the enlargement of the European Union. First, the respondents were asked to what extent a number of statements relating to the welfare state coincided with their own views. One topic charted the respondents' issues of concern (e.g. war, international terrorism, outbreak of epidemic diseases, income disparity, crime, personal safety, racism, state of the roads and streets, air pollution) in general and relating to their own municipality.

The respondents were asked what steps they would find acceptable for improving the financial situation of their municipality (e.g. hiring foreign employees, cutting staff numbers, lowering wages, postponing investments). Opinions on the likelihood of certain developments happening in the municipality were studied. Attitudes to municipal services and joint municipal authorities (municipal federations) were charted with a set of attitudinal statements relating to the number of municipalities in Finland, forced municipal mergers, staffing levels, competitive tendering of service provision, etc. The respondents were also asked which costs they thought could be cut. One theme pertained to what kind of impact the EU enlargement would have on employment, business conditions, municipal autonomy, the availability of EU subsidies etc. in the region of residence.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, economic activity, type of neighbourhood, highest education, household gross annual income, number and ages of household members, household composition, province and region (NUTS3) of residence, and which party R would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at that time.

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