FSD2140 Gender-Weighted Index of Democratization 1995-2010

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  • Vanhanen, Tatu


democracy, democratization, equality between the sexes, gender, legislature, parliaments


The data contain three variables for each country for each year for the period of 1995-2010: index of democratization (ID), percentage of women representatives in national parliaments (W), and gender-weighted index of democratization (GID). The percentage of women in national parliaments (W) is used to indicate women's representation. The gender-weighted index of democratization has been calculated using the formula GID = ID x [1 + (W/100)]. If information on women's representation was not available for a parliamentary election, women's representation was estimated to be the same as in the previous or next election (see Appendix 1 in the Background file). If the state does not have a parliament chosen by popular election, the variable W has the value of 0. More information on the index on democratization in FSD1289 Measures of Democracy 1810-2010, and FSD2183 Women's Representation in National Parliaments 1970-2010.

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