FSD2144 Text Messaging in Youth Culture 1998

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  • Rautiainen, Pirjo (University of Tampere. Information Society Research Centre)
  • Kasesniemi, Eija-Liisa (University of Tampere. Information Society Research Centre)
  • Järveläinen, Johanna (University of Tampere. Information Society Research Centre)


electronic mail, information society, interpersonal communication, mobile communication, social networks, youth


The survey charted young people's use of mobile phones, particularly text messaging, in Finland. The archived data consist of interviews of young people (aged 12-18) conducted in 1998. Topics covered the use of mobile phones and text messaging with friends, in everyday life and in school. The dataset consists of 55 interviews, some of which were individual interviews while some were group or pair interviews. In total, 50 girls and 21 boys participated in the interviews.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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