FSD2212 Performance of Municipal Services 2004: Combined Data

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  • Niiranen, Vuokko (University of Kuopio. Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy)
  • Lumijärvi, Ismo (University of Tampere. Department of Management Studies)
  • Kiljunen, Pentti (Yhdyskuntatutkimus)


balanced scorecard, committees, decision making, development programmes, elected officials, evaluation, job evaluation, local government, local government policy, municipalities, objectives, performance indicators, personnel, personnel management, public officials, quality control, regional policy, strategies, working conditions


This combined dataset includes both the responses of municipal personnel and elected officials to the Performance of Municipal Services survey questions. Only the variables pertaining to both respondent groups (and ones that could be interpreted as pertaining to both groups) were included. For more specific data descriptions, see the original datasets (FSD2210 personnel and 2211 elected officials).

The survey charted the use of the balanced scorecard indicators in measuring the performance of municipal services. The respondents were employees in the local and regional authorities participating in the study. Topics included the activity and state of the work community, performance measures, visions, strategies, aims and personnel management.

Background variables included the respondent's industry of employment, occupation, gender, age, the location of workplace, and division in personnel, elected officials and managers.

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