FSD2228 Health Promotion Barometer 2006: Member Organisations

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health advice, health education, health policy, local government services, organizations, public health


The survey focused on the health promotion strategies and activities of member organisations of the Finnish Centre for Health Promotion. Member organisations are non-commercial and operate on a national level. The respondents were executive directors and managers of these organisations. The health of children and young people, and promotion of non-smoking were also studied.

Questions covered the most important means of promoting health (promotion of mental health, improving traffic safety etc.) and health promotion activities and resources in 2006. The respondents were asked how health promotion work would develop in 2006 and over the next five years, and what would be the most important target groups in the future. One theme pertained to the health promotion of children and teenagers. The respondents were also asked what would be the most useful way to promote non-smoking.

Background variables included the organisation's area of operation, the number of individual and organisational members in the organisation, and the sector (e.g. social services organisation, public health organisation, organisation for disabled people, sports organisation) of organisation.

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