FSD2266 Finnish Local Government 2004: Municipal Elections 2000

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  • Helander, Voitto (Åbo Akademi University. Department of Public Administration)


citizenship, councillors, elected officials, local government, local government elections, politics, public administration, public services, social influence, women's role


The survey studied municipal (local government) election candidates, their motivation, and views on municipal services and the role and tasks of councillors. Party membership and elected offices held by the candidate were charted. In addition, some questions pertained to the internet services of the respondent's municipality. The respondents were asked how many times they had stood as candidates in municipal elections before, and whether they would be available when the new council appoints members of other elected bodies. The respondents evaluated their possibilities of influencing and how easy or difficult various matters connected to campaigning had been. They also told about the forms and financing of their campaigns. The respondents' views on the parties' or constituency associations' activities in selecting the candidates were queried. Some questions pertained to the position of women in municipal politics.

Opinions on organising municipal administration and services were charted by presenting the respondents with a set of attitudinal statements. Views were probed on how well municipal services functioned and whether the municipality should invest more or less in a particular service. The respondents rated the importance of various statements on service provision and developing administration. They were also presented with statements connected to decision-making in their own municipality of residence.

Background variables included the respondent's age, gender, mother tongue, marital status, number of children aged under 18, and education.

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