FSD2296 Parliamentary Elections 2007: Responses to Union of Freethinkers of Finland Candidate Selector

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attitudes, beliefs, candidate selectors, church and state, criticism of religion, freedom of thought, parliamentary candidates, parliamentary elections, politicians, religion policy, voting, voting advice applications


The data consist of responses given by parliamentary candidates and candidate selector users to questions of the Union of Freethinkers of Finland candidate selector / voting advice application.

The candidate selector questions included the national churches' special status under public law, religious denominations' right to officiate at weddings, publication of caricatures that criticise religion, allowing the circumcision of boys, status of religion in comprehensive school, and Christian broadcasts based on Finland's Public Broadcaster Act.

Background variables for the election candidates included first and last name, party, constituency, and Internet pages. Background variables for the candidate selector users include selected party, constituency, and date of use. The user responses were individualised according to IP addresses.

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