FSD2437 Work Fatigue Interviews 2001

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  • Kinnunen, Ulla (University of Tampere. Department of Psychology)


depression, fatigue (physiology), job satisfaction, working conditions, workloads


The data consist of 34 interviews of persons who had taken part in courses aimed at treating burnout symptoms in a Finnish rehabilitation centre in 2001.

The semi-structured interviews had both pre-prepared questions and more open interview sections. The main themes were: 1) the way the interview subjects experienced burnout (work fatigue) at the time of the interview, 2) reasons behind and background of the burnout (e.g. different symptoms, connection to working life or private life), 3) how the burnout had progressed (e.g. changes in the symptoms and in working or private life) and 4) the stage of recovery at the time of the interview (e.g. the need for assistance, need for changes in working and private life).

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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