FSD2510 Leadership in Multicultural School 2004: Rector Interviews

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  • Kuukka, Katri (University of Tampere. Research Centre for Vocational Education)


cultural pluralism, educational administrators, immigrants, immigration, management, schools, teaching


The data were collected by interviewing 25 rectors of multicultural comprehensive schools in 2004. The interview topics included leadership challenges posed by multiculturalism, pupils' and their guardians' integration to Finnish school and its working culture, challenges in teaching, dilemmas in culture meetings, and the rectors' interpretations on the notion of multiculturalism.

Background variables included the respondent's age, gender, time worked as rector at the current school, number of friends or relatives with immigrant background, whether there were members of school staff or board with immigrant background, number of pupils in school, proportion of pupils with immigrant background, and the second largest language group in school.

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