FSD2568 My Well-being 2010: Writing Competition

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  • Lehikoinen, Kai (Theatre Academy. Education and development services)
  • Ruusuvirta, Minna (Theatre Academy. Education and development services)
  • Saukkonen Pasi (Theatre Academy. Education and development services)


cultural activities, culture, exercise (physical activity), happiness, natural environment, physical activities, psychological well-being, quality of life, well-being (health)


The data comprise 72 written texts, sent to the writing competition "Minun hyvinvointini [My Well-being]" conducted by the co-ordination project Kolmas Lähde (Third Source). In the competition announcement, people were asked to write in their own words about the concept of well-being, what their own well-being consisted of, how they promoted their well-being, how other people affected it, and what was the role of culture or physical exercise in their well-being.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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