FSD2578 Preventing Youth Social Exclusion 2001-2002: Interviews of Multi-Agency Teams

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  • Määttä, Mirja (University of Helsinki. Department of Sociology)


alcoholism, drug use, public officials, smoking, social exclusion, social problems, social work, substance use, youth, youth work


The dataset consists of group interviews of seven multi-agency teams dealing with drug and alcohol use prevention among young people in Helsinki, Finland. Altogether, the groups comprised 57 professionals. Each group was interviewed three times. The method used was research intervention where the members of the groups were brought face to face with their own attitudes in order to have them debate and evaluate their attitudes, with the researcher functioning as an interpreter and a critic.

The main themes in the interviews were the activities of the group, advantages and disadvantages of multi-agency teams and reasons behind and possible solutions for alcohol and drug use of young people.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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