FSD2625 Finnish Images of the Soviet Union, Russians and Estonians 1989

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  • Raittila, Pentti (University of Tampere. Journalism Research and Development Centre)


attitudes, political attitudes, prejudice, tolerance


The data consist of 40 theme interviews of Finns on the subject of the Soviet Union, Russians and Estonians. During the interviews, the interviewees were shown pictures, word lists and extracts from various texts and newspapers related to the Soviet Union, and asked to comment on them. Themes raised in the interviews covered politics, everyday life, economy and culture. Views were probed on the Soviet Union as a state and on Russian and Estonian people. The interviewees belonged to four different age groups, with 15-year intervals between them. They were born in 1923, 1983, 1953 and 1968 and lived in four municipalities in different parts of Finland. The interviews were conducted in 1989.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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