FSD2633 Environmental Concerns in My Everyday Life 2010

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  • Vehviläinen, Marja (University of Tampere. Department of Social Research)


ecology, environment, values


The dataset contains the data collected from seven people who were asked to write about and discuss a memory relating to a moment when ecological/environmental concerns had been or become apparent in their life. The participants were all academic women who were interested in ecological issues and had some kind of connection to the university.

The group consisting of the participants agreed on common topics to write about. The participants were asked to write concrete and descriptive accounts about events or situations at work, in everyday life, in hobbies or in any other circumstances. A suggestion was also made that the participants could consider memories that are somehow related to food or information technology and that they could take aspects of the body, gender, generation, and class into consideration when writing. After each round of reminiscing, the memories were discussed in the group.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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