FSD2739 Parenthood after Divorce 2011-2012

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  • Hyvä erovanhemmuus [Association for Good Parenting after Divorce]
  • Finnish Literature Society (SKS). Folklore Archives


children, divorce, families, family cohesion, fathers, mothers, parents


The dataset consists of eight self-administered writings in Finnish written for a national writing competition. The competition was organised by Hyvä erovanhemmuus [Association for Good Parenting after Divorce] and the Finnish Literature Society. People were asked to write about their experiences on how divorce or separation had affected their own parenthood or the parenthood of their parents, how interaction between the parents and children had changed, whether their experiences had been positive or negative, and whether they thought equal parenting was possible. Background variables included gender, region of residence and occupation at category level.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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