FSD2740 Technology Biographies 2007

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  • Oksa, Jukka (University of Joensuu. Karelian Research Institute)
  • Talsi, Noora (University of Joensuu. Karelian Research Institute)
  • Tuuva-Hongisto, Sari (University of Joensuu. Karelian Research Institute)
  • Uotinen, Johanna (University of Joensuu. Karelian Research Institute)


computers, development, electronic equipment, everyday life, information and communications technology, internet, technology and innovation


The study was conducted by The Finnish Literature Society's Folklore Archives and the ETIM project (Encounters with Technological Imperative) of the University of Joensuu. The data consist of text material sent in response to an invitation to write about personal experiences of and views on technology.

The respondents were offered three topics relating to technology and were asked to write about one or more of these in a style of their own. The topics were: a technology biography, technology in everyday life and technologization in Finland.

The dataset contains texts written by 12 different persons. Some of the respondents wrote more than one text. The lengths of the texts vary from one page to several dozen pages.

Background variables (categorized according to the classification used by Statistics Finland) included the respondent's gender, occupation, region of residence, and type of municipality of residence.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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