FSD2775 Interviews of Finnish Sociologists 1978-1981

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  • Kaukonen, Erkki (University of Tampere. Department of Sociology and Social Psychology)
  • Rautio, Pertti (University of Kuopio. Department of Social Psychology and Sociology)
  • Suhonen, Pertti (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)


career, career development, higher education institutions, methodology, research, research workers, scientific cooperation, scientific personnel, social research, sociology


The qualitative interview study focused on the research career of the most important sociologists in Finland in the time period of 1978-1981. The data consist of 30 interview transcripts. Research careers were studied stage by stage, from the start of sociology studies to research activities at the time of the interview.

The interviews charted what had made the sociologists to choose sociology, who had had most influence on their studies and research, doctoral thesis process, reactions to the thesis, subsequent career, what factors influenced their choice of research themes, their international cooperation networks, and key publication and information source channels.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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