FSD2791 New Students in Universities 2011: First Impressions

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drinking behaviour, mental health, social adjustment, student behaviour, student organizations, student participation, students (college), tertiary education


The study charted the experiences and impressions of new students who started their studies in universities in Finland in the autumn of 2011.

The respondents were asked whether they had moved to another town because of studies and what moving had felt like, how they had been received in their place of study, what they thought about tutoring (provided by other students to help adjust to the life in the university), and what they thought about the activities of student unions and organizations.

Regarding alcohol use, the respondents' views were probed on alcohol free events for students as well as on how much they thought alcohol was used in student life and in student events.

Finally, the respondents were asked whether they had received information on Nyyti ry (Support Centre for Students) and if so, where they had received it.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, town of study, and field of study.

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