FSD2843 Students' Experiences and Perceptions of Drinking 2009-2011

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  • Maunu, Antti (Finnish Association for Healthy Lifestyles)


drinking behaviour, social behaviour, social interaction, students, underage drinking, youth


The study focused on Finnish student experiences and perceptions of alcohol use. There were 241 participants from different study fields, recruited from upper secondary schools, upper secondary vocational schools, universities of applied sciences, and science universities. Data were collected through focus group discussions, and the number of participants in each group varied from three to eight. Some groups had girls or boys only but some were mixed gender groups.

Focus groups were asked to write two movie scripts, one for the funniest drinking situation possible and the other for the most unpleasant drinking situation. The participants were given a stimulation list containg examples of possible movie themes. After the movie scripts, groups discussed drinking issues and their own experiences. Some groups also discussed self-control in drinking and social activities that could form an alternative to drinking. Background information was collected with a questionnaire and included gender, year of birth, study field, prior education, living arrangement, couple relationship, region of birth, and occupation or education of the parents.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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