FSD2845 Tampere Praksis: Group Discussions on Success Stories in Social Work 2012-2013

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child protection, children, families, social problems, social services, social workers


The data contain the transcripts of four focus group discussions. The participants were staff members of a social welfare office for families with children in Tampere, Finland. In two discussions, the participants were social workers, in the third family workers and in the fourth open care workers.

Before the audio-recorded discussions took place, each focus group received examples of success stories in their work, written by the participants themselves, along with instructions for the discussions. The discussions were unstructured and only the focus group participants were present. In the discussions, the success stories were discussed, other successes were brought forward, and the participants also discussed what kind of thoughts and feelings about their work the stories had triggered. Discussion also covered what could be regarded as success in the social work with families with children.

Background information consists of the job title of the participant. The data were anonymised by the data collectors before archiving.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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