FSD2853 Employment Service Statistics 2006-2012

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  • Räisänen, Heikki (Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Research and Foresight Group)


employment policy, employment programmes, employment services, labour force, labour force needs, labour policy


The data contain variables describing labour force, unemployment, support measures, and open vacancies, sorted by the Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices). Variables related to labour force and unemployment include the amount of labour force, unemployment rate, the number of unemployed job-seekers and laid-off workers, and the number of long-term unemployed and repeatedly unemployed. The data also include information on vacancies notified to Employment and Economic Development Office and filled vacancies.

The data include information on the duration of the periods of unemployment during the year, and on the reasons why the periods of unemployment had ended (e.g. employment, measures of employment administration, labour market training, and unemployment pension). There are also data on the number of employment policy statements and job-seekers' individual action plans, as well as on the recipients of labour market subsidy. In addition, the dataset contains information on the job-seekers employed with the aid of employment administration measures, and on the job-seekers who have finished labour market adult education, subsidised employment, or labour market subsidy traineeship.

The data also contain information on the job-seekers' situation 3 months after the implementation of various employment policy measures (e.g. wage subsidy and other employment subsidies, preparatory labour market training, vocational labour market training, labour market subsidy traineeship and self-motivated education).

The dataset includes the man-years of the Employment and Economic Development Office sorted by employee groups.

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