FSD2961 Finnish Perspectives on Light Pollution 2011-2012

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  • Lyytimäki, Jari (Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE))
  • Rinne, Janne (Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE))


electric lighting, human environment, light pollution, lighting


The survey charted opinions on light pollution and the use of artificial lighting. The respondents were asked to indicate to what extent they agreed with several statements relating to artificial lighting, darkness, and light pollution (e.g. "Lighting at night increases the safety of neighbourhoods", "Light pollution causes people significant health problems", "Possibility to experience natural darkness is important to me", "Increasing the price of electricity is an effective way to decrease light pollution").

Background variables included the respondent's year of birth, gender, municipality of residence, and education as well as type of neighbourhood of residence, whether R was actively involved in astronomy, and whether R was a member of enivronmental organisation.

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