FSD3016 Finnish Experiences and Memories of Pornography 2012

The dataset is (C) available for research only (including Master's, doctoral and Polytechnic/University of Applied Sciences Master's theses). The dataset may not be used for teaching, study (e.g. seminar papers, essays) or other theses (Bachelor's theses or equivalent).

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  • Finnish Literature Society (SKS). Folklore Archives


pornography, sex industry, sexual behaviour


The dataset consists of texts submitted by people responding to an invitation to participate in a study organised by the Finnish Literature Society. Participants were asked to write about their memories, experiences, feelings and views relating to pornography in Finland.

The texts cover, for instance, the use of the term pornography, the role of porn in different life stages, pornography in magazines, television programmes, movies and the Internet, what kind of pornography the writer was interested in, whether the participants themselves had produced pornographic or erotic material, the effect of pornography on their body image, and different and varied forms of sexuality.

Background information include the participant's age, gender, region of birth and occupation, if this information had been included in the textual data.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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