FSD3020 Life for LGBTIQA Youth in the Past and Present 2014

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bisexuality, childhood, discrimination, homosexuality, life histories, minority groups, same-sex relationships, sexual identity, sexual orientation, youth


The data comprises texts written about what it is and was like to live one's youth in Finland as a person belonging to a sexual or gender minority or otherwise questioning sexual and gender norms. The responses were collected as part of Seta's and Finnish Youth Research Society's research project "Wellbeing of LGBTIQ Youth" (2012-2014) funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Form of the texts was not restricted and the participants could write, for instance, poems or narratives. The texts covered themes and topics such as own gender identity and sexuality and its development, experiences of belonging to a minority group, social networks and relationships, loneliness, civic participation, and other people's attitudes.

Dataset only available in Finnish.

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