FSD3023 Memories and Experiences of Computer Use 2013

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  • Naskali, Tiia (University of Turku. School of History, Cultural and Art Studies)
  • Reunanen, Markku (Aalto University. Media-Lab)
  • Saarikoski, Petri (University of Turku. School of History, Cultural and Art Studies)
  • Silvast, Antti (University of Helsinki. Department of Sociology)
  • Suominen, Jaakko (University of Turku. School of History, Cultural and Art Studies)


computer applications, computer programming, computer software, computers, everyday life, hobbies, internet, internet access


The survey examined the use of computers in everyday life as well as people's memories of computer use. Altogether 1,453 persons (1,119 men, 329 women, and 5 undefined) answered the internet-based survey. The survey contained 45 questions, 29 of which were open-ended.

Concerning their first computer, the respondents were asked who in their household had purchased the computer, and who had used it the most. Current computer use was charted by asking the respondents about the types of computers they had at their disposal, where they used computer the most, and what they used their computer for. The respondents were also asked if they had a smartphone, and what brand it was.

The background variables inclued the respondent's gender, age, occupation, education level, and region of residence.

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