FSD3065 Guides for Immigrants and Immigration Services 2005

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  • Vuori, Jaana (University of Eastern Finland. Philosophical Faculty)


culture, immigrants, immigration, international migration, occupational life, public administration, social adjustment


The archived data consist of 55 written documents that were available on the website of the Ministry of Labour of Finland in 2005. The documents provided information for public officials working with immigrants or information for immigrants on life in Finland. The majority of the documents had been created by the ministry, although some in cooperation with other actors such as the International Organization for Migration. Most documents in the dataset are in Finnish, but there are also 16 documents in English.

The documents aimed at public officials cover issues such as social adjustment of immigrants, legislation on work permits, refugees, ethnic minorities in Finland, and the immigrants' possibilities in occupational life etc. The documents aimed at immigrants give information on Finnish society, culture, and way of life. Information is also provided on Finnish social, health, and educational systems, general cultural conventions such as gender equality, and setting up a business in Finland.

Background information includes the document name, year of publication, creator, publisher, series name, and language.

The documents are available in the original language only. FSD does not translate them for reuse purposes.

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