FSD3120 E-books Supporting Studies: Higher Education Student Survey 2016

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  • Mikkonen, Paula (National Library of Finland. FinElib)
  • Peltonen, Iina (National Library of Finland. FinElib)


book use, e-books, educational libraries, higher education institutions, learning, libraries, reading materials, students (college), teaching materials, teaching methods, university courses


The student survey charted the experiences of polytechnic and university students in Finland about using e-books as part of their studies.

The survey began with general questions about the time respondents spent studying in a week, how much of this time was spent reading, and how many books related to their studies they read on average in a month. The next set of questions charted the respondents experiences with e-books, where they had acquired them and what devices they had used to read them. The students were also asked which e-book service providers they had used for their studies. Finally, the students were asked to evaluate e-books as part of their studies with some statements such as: "The books I need for my studies are often available as e-books" and "Reading e-books is easy".

The background variables included the respondent's year of birth, mother tongue, degree type, institution and field of study as well as the year when R had begun studies.

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