FSD3208 Gustaf Alfred af Hällström: library and purchases of printed works 1845-1861

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book readership, book use, class differentiation, cultural heritage, cultural history, historiography, history, libraries, literature, purchasing


This dataset comprises a list of printed works owned and purchased between 1845-1861 by Gustaf Alfred af Hällström (1827-1899), a landowner from Vihti and a member of the Diet of Finland. The data also include 44 photographs of the hand-written manuscripts which are archived in the National Library of Finland's archive for the noble families Gadolin and af Hällström.

The data specify each purchased and owned work along with information on the time of purchase, bibliographic information, price and quantity of volumes purchased, if the work had been purchased from an auction in Helsinki as well as if the work had disappeared from af Hällström's collection or if it had been donated to someone else.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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