FSD3292 Baptism and Godparenting 2018

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  • Hytönen, Maarit (Church Research Institute)


baptisms, church, religiosity, religious affiliation, religious attendance


The survey charted Finnish views on the personal meaning of baptism and being a godchild or a godparent. The study was funded by the Central Church Fund of Finland.

The survey consisted of open-ended questions. The respondents were asked what their own baptism and the baptism of their children or godchildren meant to them, how they usually spent time with their godchildren, whether their relationship with their godchildren included any spiritual or religious aspects, and in what ways being a godparent affected their life. The respondents' expectations regarding their godchildren were also surveyed.

The respondents were also asked how they spent time with their own godparents, whether they prayed for their godparents, and what they expected from their godparents. Finally, it was examined whether the respondents thought of themselves as a religious person and how often they prayed.

Background variables included the respondent's age, gender, municipality of residence, and whether the respondent belonged to a church.

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