FSD3311 Tales and Stories from Finland and Abroad Told by Children 2000-2013

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  • Karlsson, Liisa (University of Eastern Finland)


children, children's stories, culture, pre-primary education


The data consist of tales and stories told by children that were collected in different cities in Finland by using the storycrafting method. The data include stories elicited from both individual children and groups. The stories originate from several countries, and the children were allowed to tell the stories in their mother tongue. Some of the foreign language stories were later translated either into Finnish or into multiple different languages, and both the original story and the translations are included in the data. Some of the stories include comments and observations from the person who collected the data.

Background variables included, among others, country of origin of the tale/story, language used to tell the story, location and date of data collection, and the age and gender of the child who told the story.

The dataset is only available in the original languages (the languages used to tell the stories and possible translations).

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