FSD3349 Parliamentary Debates in Fourteen Countries 1994-2013

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  • Alasuutari, Pertti (University of Tampere. School of Social Sciences and Humanities)
  • Vento, Eetu (University of Tampere. School of Social Sciences and Humanities)
  • Pi Ferrer, Laia (University of Tampere. School of Social Sciences and Humanities)


consumption, defence and state security policy, economic policy, education, environment, health, legislative process, legislature, nationality, science, technology and innovation, welfare policy


The dataset consists of text documents of parliamentary debates from fourteen countries around the world, collected from a period of approximately 20 years (1994-2013). The debates included in this dataset relate to ten different policy areas: foreign and security policy, fiscal policy, environmental policy, education, health and welfare policy, civic policy, science and technology, social policy, consumption, and crime.

The dataset consists of 1,716 debates in total. Each country has its own folder in the dataset, and each country folder contains separate subfolders for each year of debates.

An index of all the debate text files is included in the dataset. The index contains the following information for each file: original file name, FSD file name, year, country, and direct hyperlink to the document.

The dataset is only available in the original languages (Spanish, English, Finnish, Portuguese, and Russian).

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