FSD3366 Parliamentary Elections 2019: Responses to Union of Freethinkers of Finland Candidate Selector

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church and state, elections, parliamentary candidates, parliamentary elections, politicians, religion, religious instruction, voting


This dataset contains responses to questions in the voting advice application of the Union of Freethinkers of Finland for the Finnish parliamentary elections 2019 by candidates as well as users of the application. Questions concerned, for instance, whether blasphemy should remain prohibited in the Finnish Criminal Code, whether circumcision of boys should be legal or illegal, whether the church should have the right to collect tax, whose responsibility burials and maintenance of cemeteries should be, how religion should be incorporated into primary school curricula, and whether employers should have the right to prohibit the use of certain items of clothing, such as a headscarf which covers the head and hair (hijab), at work.

Background variables for parliamentary candidates included name, party, electoral district and web page. Background variables for users of the voting advice application included party filter set by the user, electoral district, and time and date of responding.

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