FSD3385 Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change 1960-2010: Coverage in European Newspaper Articles

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arts, cultural life, cultural research, mass culture, mass media, news, newspaper press


This study consists of data on articles in the culture sections of the following leading daily newspapers: Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), The Guardian (Great Britain), Le Monde (France), ABC (1960-1975)/El país (1976-2010) (Spain) and Milliyet (Turkey). The articles were published between the years 1960 and 2010. The data were collected as part of the Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change: A Comparative Study of Five European Countries, 1960-2010 (CUDIGE) project, which examined cross-national differences in cultural distinctions and their temporal changes in six different European countries. The project received funding from the Kone Foundation (2013-2016), University of Helsinki (2013-2015) and Academy of Finland (2013-2018, project numbers 291619 and 309181). In addition to this study, dataset FSD3386 Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change 1960-2010: Coverage in European Newspaper Issues contains aggregate data where individual newspaper issues were studied.

Extensive information on the variables and data collection can be found in the background information file bgF3385_eng.pdf. The data include information on what newspaper the article was published in, publication date, total number of pages in the newspaper issue and its culture section and the page number of the article. Information on other features of the articles, such as the type of the article, its location on the newspaper page and the size and contents of pictures in the article, is also included in the data. Additionally, the data include the name and gender (based on the name) of the writer of the article as well as whether the article included a picture of the writer.

Next, the data contain information on the cultural area of the article, divided into the subgenres of dance, literature and music. If the article concerned a specific artist, information on the country of origin of the artist as well as the time horizon (historical/classic - future) of the event/artist/performer was collected. Finally, information on the narrative features of the articles was collected, for example, whether the article was written in first person, included explicit judgements on the piece of art treated in the article, and included explicit references to money or other economic indicators, politics or generations.

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