FSD3386 Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change 1960-2010: Coverage in European Newspaper Issues

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  • Purhonen, Semi (University of Helsinki)
  • Heikkilä, Riie (University of Helsinki)
  • Lauronen, Tina (University of Helsinki)


arts, cultural life, cultural research, mass culture, mass media, news, newspaper press


This study consists of data on the culture sections of the following leading daily newspapers: Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), The Guardian (Great Britain), Le Monde (France) and ABC (1960-1975)/El país (1976-2010) (Spain). The articles were published between the years 1960 and 2010. The data were collected as part of the Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change: A Comparative Study of Five European Countries, 1960-2010 (CUDIGE) project, which examined cross-national differences in cultural distinctions and their temporal changes in six different European countries. The project received funding from the Kone Foundation (2013-2016), University of Helsinki (2013-2015) and Academy of Finland (2013-2018, project numbers 291619 and 309181). This dataset contains aggregate data that complements the dataset FSD3385 Cultural Distinctions, Generations and Change 1960-2010: Coverage in European Newspaper Articles.

The data contain information on the publication date of the newspaper issue, total number of pages in the issue, the number of pages of the culture section, page number of the first culture page, number of pages in supplement(s), and number of culture pages in supplement(s). Additionally, the number of pages in the core newspapers was divided into quarters and information was collected on which of the four quarters the cultural news appeared in.

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